The Essentials of Keto Batch-Cooking

I’m offering the chance to come and learn “The Essentials of Keto Batch-Cooking” in my home on Sunday, August 14th, from 1pm – 4pm.

Use this link to reserve your spot today: PayPal.Me/BookaAlon/90

I only have 5 spots available, so please register by this FRIDAY to secure you spot, and then I will open it to friends and clients who have shown interest in intimate cooking classes.

This is the first time I’ve offered this course, so you will be my Keto Pioneers! We will cook together, taste together, eat together and play together. It’s only $90 per person and all food is included!
** Bring Your Own Container – further details coming on what size and shapes would be best.

And to whet your palette…here is one of my epic salads with 5 fats and gut-boosting prebiotics (artichoke hearts), microbiome balancing probiotics (sauerkraut) and NO DRESSING!


You Will Walk Away Knowing:

  • How to Use Satiety-Inducing and Gut Boosting MCT Oil in your Dishes and Sauces
  • Epic Flavor-Layered Slaws & Salads (that will make your People Jealous)
  • Bomb-Diggity Keto Dressings & Sauces
  • Master the 6-Minute Egg AND The Crispy Egg
  • Taste Your Heart Out
  • Take Food Home (BYOC)
  • All the Recipes we Make and Taste
  • 3 hrs for $90 includes all food, organic and sustainably sourced
  • KETO MEAL PLANS to take HOME (includes vegetarian options)

Happy Summer and Hope to see you in August!


The Essentials of Keto Batch-Cooking

Sunday, August 14th
1pm – 4pm

All food is included but bring your own container.